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Located in Antwerp, Belgium, AED Studios has been the site for some of the most diverse and ambitious projects to be filmed in Europe.

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In the heart of Europe, AED Studios is the largest media complex in the Benelux and France. Since 2005, AED Studios has welcomed a variety of ambitious projects. With impressive studio capacity, infrastructure and facilities, AED Studios can offer total packages of film studios, event rooms, meeting rooms, accommodations and offices.

AED Studios remains true to the corporate DNA of film & TV, but the variety of movie studios (50m² < 3000m² / 540ft² < 32.300ft²) employ multi-functional configurations that may accommodate captured videos, live television broadcasts, concerts, B2B events, congresses, meetings, theatre rehearsals, and more.

Large or small, every project is handled with the familiar reliability of the AED Studios team.